gadg·e·teer (găj'ĭ-tîr')
A person who designs, builds, or delights in the use of gadgets.
That's a dictionary definition.  But I think there is more to it than that.  I first came across the term in Richard Preston's wonderful book "First Light -- The Search for the Edge of the Universe." Preston described the work of the Palomar Mountain Gadgeteers, an intrepid group of scientists and technicians who dive into dumpsters, scrounge parts, and build amazing instruments that they use to explore the universe.

Most of us are not fortunate enough to gadgeteer for a living, and our gadgets are not likely to expand the horizons of the known universe, but nevertheless, the term "gadgeteer" seems to capture the spirit of adventure and innovation of some electronic hobbyists.  So gadgeteers we are! We are in league with the Palomar Mountain dumpster divers!

My own gadgeteering is focused mainly on ham radio electronic projects, but I also dabble in astronomy, rocketry, kite aerial photography and other admittedly geeky technical pursuits.

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